Everything to need to know about Dolphinarium in Marmaris

Looking for a special trip with your family? Visit the Dolphin Park in Marmaris which is a delightful place for both adults as well as children. For those who are not quite aware of where exactly is Marmaris, it is a port-town which is situated in Turkey’s Mugla Province. Though it has a lot of natural sightseeing places and tourists’ spots the Marmaris Dolphin Park steals the limelight with its “Swimming with the Dolphins” facility which makes the grownups, as well as children, bounce with joy. Let’s know a little more about this Dolphin-Wonderland!

Dolphinarium in Marmaris and its Location

Wondering where is this fantastic place located? Well, here are the details. Marmaris Dolphinarium is situated in the “Hotel Grand Yazici Mares.” This Dolphinarium was established a few years ago and is actually the sole Dolphinarium in the entire continent of Europe. You know what the best thing about this Dolphin Park is – here you can see the dolphins in their natural condition and get to have a wonderful time with them which will make you feel pure happiness and peace, being so close to these adorable creatures.

Attractive Programs in the Marmaris Dolphin Park

There are a whole lot of special programs to choose from in Marmaris Dolphinarium. The best amongst the lot is swimming sessions with the dolphins. (P.S- it is also one of the most costly programs you will find there). You must keep in mind to book the swimming sessions, well in advance, before three days preferably, which are usually of fifteen to maximum twenty minutes duration. This enthralling program comprises of a small group of people, mostly four to six, along with a professional guide who will instruct you how to swim and interact with the dolphins. If you want a private one to one time with these lovable creatures then that too can be arranged in this Dolphin Park but will be quite expensive.

Special Programs for Disabled Children in Dolphinarium in Marmaris

Special program for special kids is one of the most popular facilities you will get in Marmaris Dolphin Park. Dolphin Therapy’ as it is known to the visitors offers the swimming programs with dolphins which are opened all 365 days in the year, from which you can book in advance in any of the five sessions which is held each day. Especially for the disabled children the session time is forty minutes, which can be extended accordingly by paying off an extra fee.

What are all included on this trip to Marmaris Dolphinarium?

Apart from the fabulous swimming experience with dolphins, you can enjoy other benefits too. These usually consist of car transport from hotel to the park along with brief swim session of fifteen minutes as complementary. There is also insurance coverage of the trip. Extra charges which are not covered in this trip are the expenses on video recording and photography as well as buying personal items and beverages.

This is an once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone. So do not miss it.

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