Half Day Fishing Tour in Marmaris

There are so many ways that you can enjoy some quite time in Marmaris. As much as this place is known for its happening nightlife, it is also known for some of the most peaceful activities that you can do. One such activity that will have you engrossed for hours is the special Fishing Tour in Marmaris. You can opt for any of the trips or tours that are available and enjoy some quality time with your friends, family or even by yourself.

Fishing Tour – For all you keen anglers there is a half day trip available twice a day approximately 30 minutes from Marmaris. Excluding your travel, you will have approximately 34 hours fishing time on a large boat that can accommodate up to 12 anglers and rods at a time. 

Your captain will be hugely knowledgeable and will be able to assist you with valuable information about prime locations, the local species and important hints to help you with a great days fishing You do need to travel alone for friends that do not wish to fish they can accompany you and just enjoy the breathtaking views of Marmaris.

What to expect out of your Marmaris Fishing Tour

The price that is quoted includes a pickup and drop facility, the full insurance, a guide to help you around, the fare for the boat.

Everything is included in your fishing trip. This means that you will get all the necessary equipment and items that you need along with the boat and some one to take you around. 

Get to know the place during the Fishing Tour in Marmaris

These tours do not only provide you with the benefit of fishing. In fact they are guided tours. Your guide will even tell you a lot
about the various prime locations where you can fish. You will even get information on the different species of fish that are there. Even if you are a newbie to fishing, you do not have to worry. Your guide will even help you with some essential and useful tips.

Enjoy the view

One of the best things about the Marmaris Fishing Tour is that you can enjoy the breath taking view of the place. While you are sailing, you will get to see the true beauty of the place. Along with that, your guide will also tell you the different stories
that are associated with the particular area where you will be fishing.

Booking a Fishing Tour in Marmaris

Although you do have physical locations where you can go and book a tour for yourself; however, they are available online as well. You can choose from the various tours that are available. Right from selecting the date and time to even the number of people that are going with you, you can make all the necessary arrangements online itself.

The Itinerary of the Marmaris Fishing Tour

Just incase you are curious about the itinerary, here is a generic one for you. Please note that this may change depending on the time of the tour

Most of the time, the pick up facility is close to 20 mins prior to the departure. The vehicle will come to your hotel to pick you up.

If you choose for the morning time, the departure time is generally around 10:00 AM. If you go for the afternoon time, then it is close to 14:00 PM. You will be informed about this whenever you get the final confirmation about your booking.


Pickup Time: 20 Min Before Depart

Pickup Place: Your Hotel

You can Buy Drinks On The boat


Pick – up time : Between 09:30 & 09:45 for Morning Session

Depart Time : 10:00

Drop-back time : Around 14:00


Afternoon Pick Up Time: 14:00

Depart Time : 14:30

Afternoon Drop Off : Around 18:30

30min before your tour. Please be ready in front of your hotel.

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