Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All bookings and excursions made through yagnaturizm.com are subject to Legislation of Turkish Travel Agencies (Law no: 3579)which received major amendments in 2000 to harmonize with European Union Consumer Rights Legislation.

Alterations to excursion or activity

We do our best to organize our Excursions/Activities as they are described in our web-site, however yagnaturizm.com does not accept responsibility for every detail of the same and reserves the right to cancel or alter all or any part of any Excursion/Activity without prior notice.

Important Note:

No extra charges for Delays (24 hrs before departure) made by you


Among our excursions only on Rhodes Tour you are required to bring your passports with you on the day of departure.


If you should have any problem or dispute with an Excursion, please get in touch with us through e-mail: info@yagnaturizm.com or phoning the excursions manager: 0090 533 369 44 05. We will do our best within our capacity to resolve the issue.

Any claim or dispute that can not be resolved amicably shall be determined in accordance with the laws of the governing country in which the Excursion or Activity took place. By booking an Excursion or Activity you agree to submit to this jurisdiction.