Your Guide to Dalyan, Turkey

Your Guide to Dalyan, Turkey

Dalyan – Turkey

Just situated along the Turquoise coast of Turkey, Dalyan is a small farming village which lies between the Marmaris and Fethiye resorts. The place has a lot of spots with tremendous scenic beauty hence there are many diverse tours to Dalyan and you can take one of these Dalyan tour to enjoy and experience the best of this beautiful place.

You could plan your Dalyan tour which would take you to the place through the Dalaman airport which lies in between the two resorts.


The historic place is set on the inner banks of the Dalyan River and, hence, is a very unhurried, small paced area in the west corner of turkey’s coast which has hills and cotton fields around it. You need to travel 25 kms from the airport to get to your destination.


The best time to visit this place is the spring time where flowers welcome you all the way with mild climate and weather to take advantage of the romance spreading all around.


> There are many things that can be done on your next tour to Dalyan since it has the Koycegiz Lake which is accessible through the daily boat trips that are organized there. Its golden sand beach is a heavenly place to be and is like a small dab that separates the fresh beach water from the Mediterranean Sea. There are many endangered turtles like the Loggerhead Sea Turtles here which is why this Dalyan tour to the Turtle Beach is a must to go! It also has sporting like scuba, rafting and mountain biking as well.

> The river is also home to many different species of birds and you shall also find great landscapes stretching across your boat ride with the old rock tombs and cliffs as ancient as 400 BC. These tombs are said to be the king’s places in the city of Kaunos.

> The mud baths and hot sulphur springs are the most unique enjoyments of all time though they might not be enjoyed by many. However, they also have many medical ailments vanished from existence through their naturally occurring changes in the body that experiences them like Eczema and Arthritis.

> Shopping at the Saturday market is also a great attraction where you shall find everything from eating to fake designer labels as well.

> The open air cafes are a great place to enjoy the natural air around the exotic place to enjoy your light experience.


The place has 12 hours of bright sunshine during the summer months of June to September that can go to a maximum of 30 degrees and cold winter months from December to March which also has snowfall in it though the average remains about 15 degrees mostly.


The gozleme is the most delicious pancake you’ll ever have while Turkish food dishes like mezes, corba. Kebabs, menemen, kofte and baklava are all tempting foods to think of.

Well this was all about Dalyan, Turkey and you sure are ready to explore now!