Your Travel and Fun Guide to Rhodes Island

Your Travel and Fun Guide to Rhodes Island

Guide to Rhodes Island

For all those who have made their minds to go for tours to Rhodes Island, we can provide you a great guide for your Rhodes tour. Here’s all that you need to know about what to do, where to go and how to make the most of your Rhodes tour since you can enjoy tremendously on your tours to Rhodes Island.


Rhodes is located as the largest Greek Island which is the most visited for its offerings and features. It is also, however, sometimes treated as a part of Dodecanese too. The northern area is known for the tourist resorts whilst the south has a peace tranquil life. The island has Afandou, Archangelos, Faliriki, Ialysos, Ixia, Kalithea, Laerma, Pefkos and the Rhodes city which is the biggest city of all.


It is a place which has been known in the history for romantics who have been coming from centuries to experience the Greek Islands beauty in links with the beaches by the side of Rhodes New Town or Neohori. There is a new market in addition to fancy cafes followed by a middle old city area where vendors sell beads, jewelry and sponges etc. there are many things besides the Church of the Annunciaton, the buildings of National Theatres as well as Couts.

The great archaeological sites are worth attending with the great enthusiasm in the Rhodes Old Town. The entry through the gates is like entering a new world that has tourist shops, museums, Turkish bazaars. The city is divided into the northern Acropolis part, the Palace of Grand Master in the southern Hora part and the Jewish Quarter with residential areas and bars. The city can be entered through the harbor.

Cruises are a big addition that help you experience your own private ventures all along.


The place is home to great restaurants as well as an awesome night life in Greece where Sticky Fingers for Rock and Roll and Faliraki is known for the “living-life” attitudes of the youth there. You could visit the Orfanidi Street for the hip and cool bars streets all around.


The climate for Rhodes Island ranges to have the longest summers of the season starting from April and stretching up to November. Hence the time from December to March is the best time to visit these islands.


The grill restaurants offering traditional whole chickens, lambs and pork are also an option for many. There are great sea food offerings like the Archontiko as well as beer places like the Mimakos. There are also many Ouzeries found in the Mandraki Harbor side offering eggplant dips, eggplant salads etc.

Travel Options

One could go here by plane, cruise ships as well as by boat. The Rhodes International Airport is located at the west coast from a 14 km distance from Rhodes Town.

Well, this was all about your ways to travel, the places you need to travel, what you should eat as well as when you should travel to the Rhodes, therefore you are very ready to go and enjoy!